Mech-Seal Quote

copy-seal5.jpgPLEASE NOTE there are a few things we first need to know in order to assist us with your quote.

  • How many pumps are you using in your application?
  • Do you use, and if so how many mechanical seals in your application?
  • Are the mechanical seals that you use component seals, cartridge seals or double cartridge seals?
  • Make and model of the pumps in your application? eg. Allis Chalmers 3×2
  • What company currently supplies the mechanical seals for your application?
  • It will greatly help us if you can give specific information eg. John Crane type 4610 with 2x silicon carbide faces and Viton o-rings.
  • Are the current mechanical seals performing well in your application?
  • What material is being pumped in your application: chemicals, clean materials or solids/slurry?
  • Temperature?
  • Pressure?
  • PH?(if applicable)

mechanical seal reconditioning

If you are not able to provide a mechanical seal make and model, We will need a few measurements from the pump stuffing box to better assist us in providing the right mechanical seal.

  • Shaft/Sleeve size
  • Stuffing Box ID (inside diameter)
  • Stuffing Box OD (outside diameter)
  • Stuffing Box Depth
  •  Bolt Pitch Center Diameter (PCD)
  •  Distance to bearing housing
  •  Bolt diameter

Alternatively, you can provide us with a sample of the seal or bearing that we can work from.