mech logo png Mech-Seal has partnered with some of the best in the engineering and R&D sectors to bring you a formidable team dedicated to meeting client needs timeously and precisely, allowing for less down time and increased productivity.

blue gig

Blue Gig Distribution, our R&D partners. When it comes to research and development in the engineering field, Blue Gig is one of the best.

flowcon business card 1

Flowcon Engineering, 28 years of expertise in mechanical seals and fluid sealing technology makes them a powerhouse in this field. From re-designing what is available today to improve on old systems, to bringing the new designs to life, Flowcon Engineering does it all.

nexus logo Nexus Engineering, 13 years of experience in mechanical seal and fluid sealing technology puts them right on par with some of the largest names out there. from Manufacture, installation and repair to supply and refurbishment of old equipment, we are proud to have Nexus Engineering on-board.

matzitekMatzitek Innovative Technology, our tech partners. Web-based remote monitoring and control systems is their game, implementing GSM technology, with a broad spectrum of potential applications such as irrigation, water level monitoring, security, power monitoring, solar system monitoring, home and building automation, etc. Matzitek is the way forward.

SandboxSandbox Mining,  Our mining safety partners, from early detection systems to blast curtains , Sandbox Mining are looking out for the men under ground by keeping a remote eye on the dangers the miners face.