buildingPartnershipsAffirmative action initiatives

Mech-Seal adheres to the prescribed B-BBEE Legislation and have the following initiatives in place to further improve our Employment Equity status:


i. The advancement of woman and people of colour up to board of director level.
ii. Equity ownership of woman and people of colour.
iii. Procurement of work and maintenance contracts from Black-owned businesses.

  • B-BBEE

Mech-Seal is a level 4 B-BBEE rated company with 30% Black ownership

cloud-strategy-featuredVision statement

A proudly South African company, Mech-Seal provides a cost effective yet equal quality product to the expensive branded imported seals dominating the market at present.

Mech-Seal strives to continuously bring this level of quality and expert know how to our customers. We strive to be the “go to” guys of the industry, through hard work and dedication to even the smallest of our customers, each customer will be treated as if they are the only customers, large or small.

Mission statement

images122As a SME, Mech-Seal is growing its footprint by utilizing all the tools at our disposal,
In this modern age we have realized that no enterprise can effectively conduct business without using all possible platforms such as social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and InfoMine  to promote our services and products.

Our website is constantly updated with new content giving us a much larger audience as search engines will display our site on the first few pages of any related search.

Our objective is to develop Mech-Seal into a “household name” for the fluid control industry, to be the ones they call if they need a seal, or valve or need a pump reconditioned.

We strive to reduce downtime and get our customers back up and running in as short a time frame as humanly possible, so that they can get back to doing what they do best.


At Mech-Seal we conduct business honestly and fairly, we have a strong stance against corruption and the abuse of a system, there is no excuse for dishonesty and it shall not be tolerated, from staff or customers alike.

We believe there is no substitute for hard work, and believe that you stay until the job is done. There will be time to play afterwards.

Business goals & objectives

At Mech-Seal, we have one goal, to serve our loyal customers and become a brand that customers can rely on.

Growth strategy

images124As mentioned in the Mission statement above, Mech-Seal has stepped out of the conventions of past decades and embraced the modern age with a large footprint in the social and online media sector, this has vastly increased our audience from a select few customers that specifically need our services, to tens of thousands of people that see what we do and have the ability to speak to an employer about our services.

We aim to generate growth via word of mouth by delivering an outstanding service to our customers and in that way generate referrals.

contact-bannerLastly, there is just good old marketing and canvassing new clients from databases and keeping a keen eye open for potential customers.